Spring Branch ISD Schools: What You Need to Know


For anyone who has kids or is considering having them in the future, choosing a home in a good school district is a critical part of the decision-making process. After all, buying a home is a long-term investment, so it’s a good idea to think ahead when it comes to things like your actual or hypothetical children.

The Spring Branch Independent School District has about 35,000 students annually, serving Spring Branch, as well as students in Memorial City and the Energy Corridor. The district has 4 high schools, eight middle schools, and 26 elementary schools, along with several charter schools and other non-traditional educational options.

The public schools are pretty impressive, though. Students here get the attention they need from teachers with small classes. Throughout the district, there are about 17 students for every teacher.

From Spring Branch ISD, about 89% of students graduate, and of those, many of them go on to major universities across Texas. These include Texas A&M University, University of Texas, University of Houston, and Rice University.

Notably, Memorial High School performs exceptionally well, ranking both statewide and nationally. With a graduation rate of 97%, the student body shows proficiency in both mathematics and reading, and 88% of students who take AP exams pass.

While Spring Branch ISD has quite a few elementary schools scattered throughout the district, it also has five full-day prekindergarten schools. While several of the elementary schools do offer prekindergarten classes to younger students, these specific prekindergarten schools serve as daycares for busy, working parents. If in-district families qualify, the child may be able to attend prekindergarten at no cost.

Something interesting and particularly relevant to this multicultural district is the Dual Language program that can be found at several elementary and secondary schools throughout the district. Learning second languages from early on has been proven to help students develop cognitive skills, while also better preparing them for the future.

Spring Branch ISD also offers Choice Programs, which students can apply for. These programs include two charter schools. The Westchester Academy for International Studies offers the International Baccalaureate academic program and spans middle school through high school, while the Cornerstone Academy is a middle school with an accelerated academic curriculum.

In addition to the charter schools, the district also has a non-traditional school, the Academy of Choice, which offers more one-on-one and small group learning sessions, as well as online options. Finally, the Spring Branch Academic Institute is geared towards gifted and talented students.

Now, let’s talk taxes, because as a resident in the area, this is important. Spring Branch ISD has one of the lowest tax rates in Houston, and part of that could be because the district is especially good at managing their funds. Winning awards regularly for financial integrity, reporting, and budgeting, residents can rest assured that their tax dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, Spring Branch offers every tax exemption permitted by law.

If you take away the technicalities, the stats, and the accolades, Spring Branch Independent School District is a reputable institution that any resident can feel comfortable about sending their kids to. Knowing their children will have access to competitive academics, attentive teachers and staff members, and social programs will put any parent at ease – at least it’s one less thing to worry about.

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