What a New Chick-fil-A Means For Spring Branch


Ready for more chicken and amazing customer service? Spring Branch’s newest Chick-fil-A, located at BW 8 & Hammerly opens today and we’re pretty darn happy about it. Here are a few reasons you should be too!

It’s no secret that the fastest rising chain, Chick-fil-A is creating a lot of sensations with the opening of another location in the Spring Branch area of Houston at Hammerly & Beltway 8.

With over 2,000 stores in the United States, Chick-fil-A is a brand worthy of mentioning, and just might help revitalize the entire fast food business in the area. With its presence in more than 46 states, it shows how this brand is reliable and customers can certainly witness how precious the sandwiches are.

Chick-fil-a has one of the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry.


What makes Chick-fil-A so remarkable is that there is no exclusive top-secret formula for its training and hiring practices. Basically, the local people who will apply for Spring Branch will have the same competitive opportunity to take. In the study after study, Chick-fil-A stands out as the leader in providing a high-quality experience to customers with a big chasm that separates them from the second best.

Multiple cashiers that can take your order & payment digitally help move long drive-thru lines.

Excellent Customer Service

Now, remember your last visit to Chick-fil-A outlet, what was your experience? Consistently and regardless of their location, their shop was clean, they had a lot of staff to handle all aspects of the restaurant. Now that extraordinary experience will be replicated in the new store, greetings with genuine enthusiasm. And this is what makes them more extraordinary than others.

All Inclusive

It is to respect all faithful, mothers, teenagers, the elderly and families in general. Mothers can order food on a drive-thru valet and can eat it at reserved tables. The stores have always supported the family. Many stores organize family activities or sponsor sporting events suitable for families, and the standards of all branches are the same, so the Spring branch will be a one-stop for families. The company uses its values in its sleeve that closes on Sunday and shares its biblical beliefs, and the best thing is that people from all both middle and upper class will find most meals here affordable.

Respect and Contribution to the Community

One way that the management of Chick-Fil-A stands out is its strong commitment to community service. They are proud of the positive service they provide to their customers, team members and communities. Support members of the local community as franchised restaurant operators committed to serving the surrounding community. This will benefit many people in the Spring area.

People are Priorities

The main objective of any company with the good intention of benefiting people, be it the workers or the surrounding communities. It has a real care for its customers and employees, the investments made in the employees are immense in terms of training and capacity development, making them one of the best service providers in the chicken industry.

Hello, Mom’s Valet ????

Chick-fil-A just launched a new service, targeted particularly to Millennial moms between the ages of 18 and 35 and this location features one of the company’s best drive through, specifically designed for this new service.

After restaurant management consistently noticed how hectic ordering could be for parents of young children, the company jumped into action to improve the experience.

Moms Valet Chic fil A Spring Branch Drive Thru

The solution? Mom’s Valet.

Now, parents can pull into the drive-thru to order their meal, then come inside to their prepared table. With their order already in, service is a snap, and kids spend less time in the restaurant — meaning parents can spend less time wrangling their impatient kids inside the restaurant.

It’s the first time a major restaurant brand has offered a service like this.

In a story published on the Chick-fil-A website, one North Carolina mom wrote, “Our local Chick-fil-A does Mom’s Valet and they know us by name now!”

The new Chick-fil-A will surely be a game changer and catalyst for the Spring Branch area. The famous brand will serve the local community with great customer service and will also have the opportunity to taste the delicious chicken recipes that date back to the 60s, and we all know that the old is gold.

Welcome to Spring Branch Chick-fil-A! ????

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