Share your recently listed, pending or closed listing and instantly get thousands of eyes on your deal to a highly targeted and local audience.

Share deals, attract sellers.

Take full advantage of each one of your transactions even after it closes by having us help spread the word and showcase your success to local Spring Branch homeowners.


  • 35 Median Age
  • 43% Male / 57% Female
  • 77% of visitors have an average household income of $100,000+
  • 68% of returning visitors visit our site 7+ times per month
  • 48% arrive at our site via social media
  • The average time spent per visit is over 2.5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the cost?

The one-time fee of $99. We’ll also make sure your listing looks good everywhere on our website and social media posts. For only an extra $49, you can skip the line and get your listing featured within 48 hours. Please note business days are Mon-Fri.


Any type of real estate professional that can benefit from getting thousands of eyes on your recent transaction and success.

What is MySpringBranch’s reach?

MySpringBranch’s digital footprint reaches over 1 million local impressions every month and is ever-growing.

Does MySB have a phone number? Can I call you?

As of now we only chat via email and DMs. Drop us a message, we are quick to respond!

Can I boost/advertise my post with you?

Yes, we have an option for you to give us a budget and we will boost/advertise your deal to a targeted audience of your choice. We will charge 10% of your ad spend to do so.

HOw do I get featured on MySpringBranch?

Getting your deal featured is easy. Submit the transaction deals on, and our team will craft your image and get you posted ASAP. Please note, all posts are subject to an approval process. (If MySB doesn’t approve the post, you will get a full refund.)

Can you remove a post once it’s up?

Yes, send us a request via email with the property address and the link to the posts that you want removed and we will remove it.

Can you also tag me on a deal posted?

Yes, of course. Please reach out via email and we will make sure you are tagged.

When will my post get posted?

Posts can take up to one week to go live, as we typically have a long log of images scheduled to go up.

If your post is time sensitive, we suggest choosing the speed post option where, for a small fee, our editors will make sure your image is crafted and gets posted within 24 hours or less.

What happens when my deal gets posted?

Circulation: Once your deal gets posted, MySB circulates your post to our website with a beautifully designed deal post. Traded also posts it to its respective Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Ranking: After your post gets circulated, your deal will likely rank on all major search engines, including Google and Bing for years to come to ensure you get the recognition you deserve and help you earn more business.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if your deal has not already been posted.

Can I post a deal without the price?

As Texas is a non-disclosure state, the price is not mandatory and so is optional. Just let us know if you want the price posted.