Neighborhood Expert Program Brings Your Brand to the Next Level

If you’ve been in the Spring Branch real estate game for a while, chances are you’ve done your share of deals, many of which are probably in the same neighborhood or surrounding communities. After all, cultivating a relationship with a luxury neighborhood or becoming the go-to agent for a relocation company can really move the needle for your sales and rental listings.

But how can you push that even further? By becoming a MySpringBranch Neighborhood Expert. Because Spring Branch living is mainly single-family home living within neighborhoods, establishing your reputation and know-how in those neighborhoods is the perfect place to capture new leads from organic traffic.

Whether you feel you’re long established in the neighborhood or not, it’s always good to reinforce your brand for word-of-mouth leads as well as making yourself known to newcomers.

Below is an example of how My Spring Branch Experts appear on a neighborhood page:

What Is a Neighborhood Expert?

Simply put, a Neighborhood Expert on My Spring Branch is a real estate agent with a proven track record of deals in a given neighborhood. This is where your sales experience counts as most consumers would rather work with an agent who knows the ins and outs of neighborhoods.

If you have sales or rental experience in a neighborhood, you can purchase a monthly spot on the neighborhood page as the Neighborhood Expert. So, when a prospective buyer or renter lands on that neighborhood page, they’ll see a branded contact box with your name, your picture, a link to your website, and an easy means of reaching out to you directly.

Only one Neighborhood Expert is shown on each neighborhood page, so you can own your neighborhood and farm area.

Additionally, soon when buyers or sellers “Save” a neighborhood as a favorite, they will get email notifications about new listings, closings or other activity in the email and Neighborhood Experts are featured in those emails, which is additional exposure for you!

Want to sign up? Get more info here.

How Is This Helpful for Agents?

In short: more leads. As a Neighborhood Expert, your picture will be featured front and center on a neighborhood page indicating that you are an expert in that neighborhood. That means not only will you be one of the first points of contact on the neighborhood level, you’ll also get a fancy “Neighborhood Expert” box on your MySpringBranch agent profile.

The best part? Neighborhood pages get more than 44 percent of our organic traffic (meaning those people who land on My Spring Branch while browsing search engines for homes in Spring Branch land directly on neighborhood pages more than 44 percent of the time), so you’ll be capitalizing on lots of eyeballs.

Beyond that, from both the Neighborhood Experts box on the neighborhood page and your agent profile, prospective clients will be able to view your profile and learn more about you, giving them even more confidence in your brand as an agent.

What Does It Cost?

Depending on the size of the neighborhood, the amount of organic traffic, and the average sale price in that neighborhood, the flat fee to becoming a Neighborhood Expert ranges from around $95 to $209 per neighborhood, per month.

Of course, any agents looking to purchase the product need to reach the above eligibility requirement of at least one deal in the neighborhood sometime in the past two years. But, once that eligibility is met, you can sign up through the end of the calendar month.

We are constantly adding new neighborhoods so get in touch — we’d love to hop on the phone with you, create a neighborhood package, and strategize on how best to boost your business as a Spring Branch Neighborhood Expert.

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