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Alma Sofia Logan

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Alma Logan started on her own over 20 years ago and now runs a successful real estate brokerage and mortgage company located in Spring Branch.

After outgrowing her previous office in 2005, Alma instantly knew she wanted to be a part of the boom on the horizon in Spring Branch.  Since then, she’s been helping our newest neighbors find the charm and opportunity in the area.

Here’s to the ones giving our community the recognition it deserves.

Q: Why did you get into real estate?

A: I was looking to own a business. I knew my work ethic,  that if I worked that hard for someone else, why not work that hard for myself instead? I’ve always been very, very a very hard worker and never lived by the clock. I got there an hour or two before my starting time and I didn’t leave until I finished what I had to do that day, regardless of who I worked for.

I knew that if I put that much energy into something that was mine, I would succeed. So I had to look at my options and say, well, what kind of business can I have?  And then I realized somehow that in real estate I would be my own boss and run my own my own business, plus it wouldn’t be such a big investment.

Even with that being said, I didn’t have the money to take all the classes at once. I worked and went to night school and paid for classes as I could. So I guess I got into real estate because I was looking to own my own business for a minimum investment and real estate was a good fit.

Q: What’s your favorite part of real estate?

A: My biggest satisfaction is seeing my agents grow their business.  You truly get what you put in.

Also, it’s definitely still exciting to see a client buying their first home and the gratitude that they have.  Sharing the journey with them is very fulfilling.

Q: What’s your favorite part of Spring Branch?

A: What I love about Spring Branch is the location, because we’re so centrally located to I-10, 610, and 290, without the chaotic traffic that you get in the Galleria area. So I really love that.

Of course, I love the diversity, the culture, and the fact there’s always authentic Mexican food a few blocks away.

In the homes, I love that it’s city living where you’ll have a remodeled ranch style home next to a million dollar new build. The eclectic variety of all these different kinds of homes is really cool.

Q: What advice would you give Spring Branch buyers?

A: The best advice I can give is don’t focus on the house in front of you or the house next door because Spring Branch is definitely on the right track and it’s just a matter of time until those homes transition too. For example, since we’ve moved into our office in Spring Branch off of Westview, which was a little over 10 years ago, we have seen crazy growth.

In 2010, we sold a house behind our office for $127,000. That little home just sold for $299,900… over double!  And they didn’t even change anything other than a fence…

The property values here have really gone up because of the great location and big yards.  Don’t be discouraged by what the neighbor’s house looks like or the place across the street, just know that it’s transitioning.

Q: How about Spring Branch home sellers?

A: Wow. Are you sure you want to sell? I mean, if you bought 10 years ago and you want to make a lot of money, then yeah, go for it. At the end of the day, it depends on what your longterm goals are.

I’m totally transparent and “why do you want to sell right now?” would be my first question.  And you know, if they need money, okay, then go for it. But don’t just sell for the sake of it.

It may be worth it for you to hold onto it a little bit longer…

Ways to contact Alma Sofia Logan:

Call: (713) 784-4663 or Visit: 7410 Westview Dr. Houston, TX 77055

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Alma Logan

Alma Sofia Logan

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How this agent found her calling helping the Houston Latino community realize their dreams of homeownership.