Advertising that works

Instead of just one ‘salesly’ ad spot, imagine your business being seen by thousands of residents, homeowners, renters or visitors all over Spring Branch (We’ll help you target your audience free).

Let’s be honest, when you get a publication or advertisement in the mail, you probably skim through it, maybe read an article or two, then toss it in the trash.  The reality is that your ad will probably never even be seen… completely wasting money!

On My Spring Branch, your advertisement and content is online 24/7 and will never go in anyone’s trash can ???? (The best part is we can track every impression, engagement, and view so you know your ad is working).

Attracting local customers and building brand awareness in any community can be tough. Here are five ways our marketing team can help you make your business the talk of Spring Branch:

1.  Digital Targeted Remarketing

Use My Spring Branch’s advanced digital targeting network to reach potential customers not just on MySB,  but also on other highly-trafficked sites. We can target by demographics, behavior, zip code and more.

2. Get Profiled On My Spring Branch

Build your local fan base through My Spring Branch Spotlights – our profiles of local business leaders and owners. Spotlights appear on My Spring Branch, in our email newsletters, and on our social media pages.

3. Claim Your Business Listing

The My Spring Branch Business Directory was designed to make local businesses look good. Our new directory allows you to create a landing page for your business with built-in contact information and more, to make you more accessible for people searching for you.

4. Post As A Local Expert

Are you a real estate agent with insights into the local market? A local food truck making the rounds in the area? A business owner with industry tips? Post as a local expert and get your content in front of nearby audiences.

5. Take Over My Spring Branch

We’ve rounded up the best ways to get the word out about your business and put them all into the My Spring Branch Takeover Package.

Here’s what it offers:

  • High-impact display ads on desktop
  • Native display ads on mobile
  • Branded content that flows to My Spring Branch social pages for more reach
  • High-impact placement in My Spring Branch’s famous newsletter
  • Exclusive presence on local category pages

Real Estate Professionals

Are you a Spring Branch real estate professional? We offer unique opportunities to real estate agents that positions them as the neighborhood expert and go-to agent.

Check out our Neighborhood Expert Program

Featured Sold Deal

Submit your successful sold deal (listing or buyer side transaction) and let us help you share your success and get thousands of Spring Branch eyeballs on your deal.

Submit Your Deal

Feature Your Listing

Have an exciting or unique property for sale in the Spring Branch area? Gain exposure and get it featured on My Spring Branch.

Feature Your Listing

Open House Feature

Have an exciting or unique Open House for sale in the Spring Branch area? Gain exposure and get it featured on My Spring Branch.

Feature Your Open House

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